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I am a Certified Public Library Administrator, author, trainer, consultant and speaker.

I’ve written seven books.

I am often asked to do workshops based on any one of these books. I can tailor a presentation to suit your needs. Just contact me and let me know what you’re interested in and how I might help.

Build Great Teams is Now Available! Buy it here!

Sourcebooks has published a re-worked version of “Build a Great Team: One Year to Success” that will be titled, “Build Great Teams.”

This is the first time an ALA Edition book has been picked up for nationwide distribution. This edition will be applicable to careers in a variety of industries.

I’ve also written an article and several book chapters, including:

  • “Invest in Yourself,” American Libraries, April 2010.
  • “Reaching Little Heights;” chapter in Children’s Services: Partnerships for Success,” edited by Betsy Diamant-Cohen, ed., ALA Editions, 2010.
  • “Waking Up the Neighborhood: Partnerships with Local Businesses and Art Communities;” chapter in Partnerships and Collaborations in Public Library Communities: Resources and Solutions, Karen Ellis, ed., IGI Global, 2011.
  • “Grants and the Grant Writing Process;” chapter in Library Management 101: A Practical Guide, Diane L. Velasquez, ed., ALA Editions, 2012.
  • Guest Editor and Contributing Writer for Library Worklife, a publication of the Allied Professional Association of the American Library Association. (2006-2007)
  • Editor of “By the Book,” professional review column in Public Libraries Magazine

Book Review of "Win 'Em Over!"

A professional promotion is great news! Now that you have the job, do you (and others) wonder if you’re up to the task? Hakala-Ausperk’s new book is a confidence builder for anyone facing a new job, especially with the need to establish leadership skills. Even more so, this book even helps with that potentially awkward experience of receiving an internal promotion where you suddenly become the boss of your friends and colleagues.

This brief book is presented in workbook format. The author acts in the role of mentor or career coach, providing space for reflection, visualizing exercises, recognizing your accomplishments and creating a plan to meet the challenges ahead of you.

Given the author’s extensive and diversified set of experiences earned over 30+ years in the field (including library service work, management, administration and as an iSchool instructor for Kent State University), she’s written this book that will help a large variety of younger professionals. The leadership planners focus on successful team building by developing strong and effective library leaders.

Features in “Win ‘Em Over,” such as “Walking the Plank” exercises and suggestions to “push yourself to try something new,” can fundamentally shape your career, not just launch a new job. In this era when libraries face challenges as never before, it’s gratifying to discover a book focused on the development of human resources and recognizes this is one of the library’s paramount investments.

Reviews by Michelle Polchow
– Electronic Resources Librarian, University of California, Davis


Book Review of "Renew Yourself: A Six-Step Plan for More Meaningful Work"

Looking to find new meaning in the workplace? Hakala-Ausperk provides a plan to identify connections and gaps between you and your organization, allowing you to strategically reach goals that are fulfilling.

She writes that successful libraries are powered by successful people, and a reexamination of one’s interests, desires, and goals ia often necessary to achieve success.

Being engaged in your professional and personal development allows you to find meaning for yourself and the work you create.

Reviewed by Araceli Mendez Hintermeister, (March/April 2020, p.51)


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