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One of the most important and sometimes scary jobs library trustees have to do is the Library Director Search. Why? Here’s what they might be wondering:

  • What makes a great Library Director? Since most board members are not librarians themselves, they may not be sure they completely understand the KSA’s involved (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities.)
  • What kind of director does this staff – and community – need?
  • Who is out there and how can we reach them?
  • How can we “sell” our library to the very best candidate?
  • What should we pay and are there “perks” we could add?

One solution – start by creating a Profile of your perfect candidate.

In my Library Director searches, that’s where we begin. With exercises designed to elicit the right kind of input from the community, the library staff and the board, I can help you confidently search for – attract – and hire a great library director.

Contact me ( for more information. I can also provide references on request.

It was such a pleasure working with you. Your insight, guidance, and leadership facilitated the smoothest transition we could ever have imagined. You brought positive energy and professionalism to every meeting. It was infectious and much appreciated. You have our deepest gratitude and we look forward to working with you again! Diane B. Wantz

Trustee, Mentor (OH) Public Library

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