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Here is how the ALA will be marketing my new book this fall:

Is everything happening too fast? Are you finding there’s no time between hearing that one change is coming and dealing with your team’s frustration once it arrives, to preparing for the next one?

Everyone’s looking at you! You’re supposed to be directing, supporting, and helping your team succeed but, frankly, you’re getting pulled down into the quicksand too! Sound familiar?

From renowned leadership guru Catherine Hakala-Ausperk, author of the bestseller Be A Great Boss, comes this unique planner for helping your team survive and thrive amidst change. The first in a series of pragmatic leadership tools, this planner is  designed to be used as soon as you turn the first page. It’s filled with a variety of focused worksheets, activities, and self-directed questions that will help you

  • step back and reflect on what’s happening, what’s out of whack, and what you can do to get focused;
  • think about what changes your users really want from libraries, as well as what your team needs from you as a leader to make them happen;
  • build trust and confidence in the future among the people you supervise;
  • identify simple and effective solutions to current and future problems;
  • finalize your plan by creating lists, sketching out a calendar, and following up with your team; and
  • plan ways to adapt to changes while staying grounded.

This planner will help you move forward by guiding you in taking concrete, positive steps—right away, soon, and in the future.

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