Put a positive spin on negativity

The most dangerous thing about negativity in the workplace is that it can be catching — unless you are careful. This month’s column answers your questions about how to effectively deal with and survive negative attitudes coming at you from all directions —...

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Interview your way into your dream job

These days, the only thing harder than landing a library job is getting the interview to begin with! With so much talented competition out there, people often ask, “How do I get the interview, what do I do when I’m there and what should I do afterward?”...

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Successfully embrace change

Someone once said, “It’s easier to ride a horse in the direction it is going.” I often think of that remark when working with libraries that are successfully embracing change. There’s no argument that today’s libraries are no longer stand-alone, quiet, isolationist...

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How can we market without a marketing staff?

We’ve all heard this before when someone suggests that an answer to a question might be found by checking the library: “They do that? I didn’t know the library did that!” The service or resource being discussed has probably been available for a couple generations, so...

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