You Need a Professional Mentor!

One of the most common challenges people share with me is that they don’t get enough good professional advice. Either they don’t know where to turn for advice, or they just don’t understand the value of shared experience. They are left to wonder: Should I...

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What Does That Sign Really Say?

Samples below are from real signs found in public libraries. Keep in mind that we, as libraries and library workers, strive to be welcoming, warm, friendly, and foster the type of environment in which our users feel comfortable. Okay, now read these sign...

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Tips for Managing Your Boss

I do a lot of training and development for bosses — new bosses, old bosses, happy bosses, ticked-off bosses, bosses who listen and want to get better at their jobs, and … the rest of them. This latter portion is what we’ll call (with a nod to the TV...

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Tell me something NEW about resumes

For any position, a hiring manager might receive dozens or even hundreds of resumes. Her first job is to weed through them. She makes a separate pile of candidates she might want to learn more about — those lucky few who will get an interview. But she’s...

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Can I really write a grant?

You’ve got a lot of great ideas for new ways you could serve your community, but with tight budgets and even tighter resources, it’s hard to imagine finding the funding to implement them. But even if you can’t stretch your library budget, that doesn’t mean you’re out...

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Staff motivation and meetings

Sometimes it seems like the more we learn, the more questions we have. In this blog series, I’m going to try to answer some of the many library management questions that come to Demco following their events, webinars and other interactions with library...

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