Cancel that meeting!

There are probably as many good reasons to cancel a meeting as there are to have one in the first place but, unfortunately, we usually go ahead with them anyway. And, thus develops your meetings’ reputation as boring, pointless, time-wasting exercises in futility....

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Five Secrets to Hiring Welll

The ad was out long enough, the applications came piling in, and the interviews are over. Okay, then why are you hanging back and not making that final decision? If you’re afraid you might choose the wrong person, you’re right, you might. The decision to bring someone...

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Don’t Solve Problems

Let’s see, you’ve been promoted to team leader and, along with your new title, you get a lot of new perks, right? You get the best parking space, you get the opportunity to impact change and share ideas and you get to solve all the problems that come up yourself....

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What matters more than money?

Have you ever heard this lament or maybe even thought it yourself? “I can’t recognize my great team with raises because the money just isn’t there?”  All too often, team leaders just give up on motivation when they realize they don’t have the budget for it. What...

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You Need a Professional Mentor!

One of the most common challenges people share with me is that they don’t get enough good professional advice. Either they don’t know where to turn for advice, or they just don’t understand the value of shared experience. They are left to wonder: Should I...

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What Does That Sign Really Say?

Samples below are from real signs found in public libraries. Keep in mind that we, as libraries and library workers, strive to be welcoming, warm, friendly, and foster the type of environment in which our users feel comfortable. Okay, now read these sign...

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