Training & Presentation Topics


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 Don’t Do This (If You Want to Get the Job!)

Finding the Right People and Helping Them Grow

The Effective Library Spokesperson

Budgeting for the Right Brain

Strategic Planning That Doesn’t Hurt a Bit!

Developing Effective Library Partnerships.

Current Issues

Organization and Personnel Administration

Politics & Networking

Spokesperson 101

A Culture of Safety

Ensuring Director Success

Management of Libraries and Information Centers

Public Speaking

Library Leadership Academy 

Director Success: A Plan for Library Boards

Welcome to the Future: Changing Together 

Building Partnerships

How to Build a Great Team: Growth & Development

Supervise With Success

Happily Ever After: Board-Director Relationships That Work!

Build a Great Team: One Year to Success

Be a Great Boss: The Nuts and Bolts of Staffing, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Planning & Budgeting

Be a Great Boss: The Critical and Basic Foundations of Attitude, Vision, Communication Style and Strong Leadership

Strategic PlanningA Balanced Approach

Marketing for Everyone!

Communicate With Confidence: One Year to Success!

Anyone Can Write a Grant!

Hiring a Quality Library Director

Leadership Toolbox

Tomorrow: From the Beginning…A Time Management Webinar

The Perfect Recipe: For The Care and Feeding of a Healthy Culture

The Top 10 Benefits (Yes, Benefits!) of Tough Times 

DIY SWOT: Personal Career Planning

The Right Approach: Connecting with Co-workers

Transformational Evaluations

Blend Your Leaders Into a Team!

Homegrown Leaders: Training for Your Library’s Future

Board Basics: A Focusing Event for New & Seasoned Trustees

Don’t Do This! Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Meetings That Matter


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