“Renew Yourself” Reviews Are Coming In

Here are some readers’ thoughts about my new book, “Renew Yourself: A 6-Step Plan for More Meaningful Work.”


Friday, March 17, 2017, by Kate M. Spaulding, San Jose State University, School of Information, Career Blog,Renew Yourself and Your Career”

“Although I think it’s aimed more at mid-career professionals hoping to renew their work lives, Hakala-Ausperk’s plan could also apply to those considering a career change or students finding their way. The book guides you through the process of figuring out your career who? what? why? when? where? and how? It’s broken up into six short chapters – each corresponding to one of those questions – with guidance, tips, and stories. There are also questions to consider and some worksheets to fill out as you consider your path forward.

Right now, during this crazy-busy season in my life, this line struck me: “it’s not the standing still but the constant growth that helps us continually develop and our lives continually unfold” (p. 26). Yes! The craziness has a purpose! But seriously, yes, for by trying new things and learning new things we develop new skills. And those skills lead to new opportunities, new contacts, and new experiences, which, of course, help us develop more new skills. It’s an upward spiral that can even lead to new jobs or career directions.

If you’d like some guided, career self-reflection in your life, Renew Yourself is available from ALA(link is external), but you should, of course, check your local library first!”

Romany, Goodreads (gave it 5 stars)

This is a book specifically for librarians who feel as though they are at a career plateau. The book takes the reader through exercises to re-identify values and interests and gently directs towards a comprehensive plan for change. Although I feel quite happy in my job at the moment, I imagine this is a book I will come back to again in future.

Nicole Cunha, Goodreads (gave it 4 stars)

This is a book where you need to spend time reading the content and reflecting on your goals. I took two months to finish this not because life gets busy (which it does)- but there were multiple points where I had to ruminate with the goals I started with to see if they were attainable. Ausperk’s writing gave me hope that I’m on the right track (and a lot of quotes to keep for future reference), as well as allowed me to define and redefine my personal and professional goals. Highly recommend!

Gloria, Goodreads (gave it 4 stars)

This book targets the library professional, but it really is for anyone wanting to change the dynamics in their work life. Found this to be a bit of a recap of a number of other thinkers on this subject, such as Stephen Covey. Filled with exercises and a positive tone, it encourages a person to think about their values and interests while taking specific steps to accomplish them. So not 100% original, but a good summary of issues to think about when evaluating one’s career.