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“Library Budgeting for Right Brained Thinkers” – New Course Coming Soon!

  • Do you wish you better understood how to effectively develop a library budget?
  • Are you feeling lost in a sea of spreadsheets that seem to be written in a foreign language – at least to you?
  • Would you like to build a network of support related to the budget?

Like it or not, as we ascend to higher levels of responsibility in a library, even we right-brained, liberal arts types need to get on the budgeting bandwagon. Spreadsheets, reports, forecasts, finance laws, percentages and estimates are part of every administrator’s world and, when you’re in charge, the buck stops with you. This course will help make you more confident about embracing this element of leadership.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • How a budget should be prepared and who is responsible for which parts
  • The steps involved in the process of developing the library budget
  • How to create an effective schedule or calendar for budgeting
  • Where to look for support and guidance from financial experts
  • How to broaden involvement in budgeting decisions
  • Ways to continue to grow finance and budgetary skills

This InfoPeople class will begin on September 27, 2016, but registration will be open soon! Watch for details at