Be A Great Boss: One Year to Success!

HakalaAusperk_200x300Moving into a library management position can feel like a daunting and solitary pursuit. Graduate school courses in management are expensive and often hard to find, and even having a mentor at hand is no guarantee of a successful transition. To help library managers improve their skills and acumen, renowned speaker and trainer Hakala-Ausperk presents a handy self-study guide to the dynamic role of being a boss.

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Build a Great Team: One Year to Success!

hakala_team300With library staffing levels and services cut to the bone, creating a team that communicates well and functions smoothly is more important than ever.  Building on the model of her bestselling book Be A Great Boss, Hakala-Ausperk presents a handy self-guided tool to the dynamic role of team-building.

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Invest in Yourself!

(I wrote this article for the March, 2010, issue of “American Libraries Magazine.”

Crazy times, right? Whether you are new to libraries or you’ve been around for a while, you would probably agree that our world has been spinning in a lot of different directions lately. With budget cuts, layoffs, reductions in hours, and new technology around every corner, no one has the time or money to devote to professional development! We’re just too busy to get better, right? Let’s hope not.

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